Best Tips and Recipes for Going Green Series

jBr1tv1355309168¬† It’s simple! Just follow this blog! ūüôā From now until the end of December, daily tips for going green in our life! Going green is cost effective, easy and fun! Why should you be Going Green in your Home? Do you enjoy the smell of Bleach or Synthetic Air Fresheners? Are you cleaning your body on one end (detoxing) by eating right and then bombarding it with toxins on another end by using toxic products in our home? About 98% of store bought products are made with synthetically made chemicals. And we wonder why we are tired of being tired and sick of being sick! Commercial products you are using in your home are not good for our planet and the environment The home products you are using are toxic to your our dogs, cats and…children! Who is Really Winning? The companies who manufacture drugs, cleaning products, paints, insecticides are slowing killing us with toxicity. They care about their bottom line; not our health. I hope you become committed to going green in your home. Do it as a gift to yourself, your children, your animals and your planet! I wish you the best in your life and your home!

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Homemade Moisturizing Lotion Recipe


Homemade Moisturizing Lotion
Learn how simple it is to make your own rich, deeply moisturizing lotion at home. Why pay money to buy expensive lotions and creams to only wreck your skin with chemicals and still have dry skin, leaving you feeling dissatisfied? Some you might already have on hand at home! Customize your lotion with different Essential Oils such as Lavender for relaxation or Peppermint to energize. When it comes to packaging, a jar of homemade lotion tied with a piece of raffia or ribbon makes an inexpensive, yet really cool gift.
What are you waiting for? 

A great base is Shea Butter and for those of you with really dry skin, the relief Shea Butter provides cannot be beat. Shea Butter is excellent and is used in so many lotions. It has a creamy, moisturizing property that is great for skin and makes a wonderful base for a lotion. Try combining both cocoa and Shea Butters in your lotion for an extra moisturizing cream.  Many different oils can be added to your lotion as well, such as almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, even olive and sesame oils. The bonus is that all of these can be easily purchased here, at Mind Body Soul Essentials! There is still plenty of time to purchase your ingredients and make your lotions for holiday gift giving!

Make your own double boiler to melt your ingredients.  Use a medium-size bowl that can handle high temperatures (glass) and a cooking pot that is a little larger than your bowl. Fill the pot with a few inches of water. Add your ingredients to the bowl and slowly heat them over low heat. Low heat is the more gentle way to melt your ingredients to get the right fusion. When heating ingredients, the best way is slow and low. Stir the ingredients with a spoon or other utensil, if you need to.

Once your lotion has melted, add a drop or two of your favorite¬†Essential Oil. If you don’t know which¬†Essential Oil¬†you want, go¬†here¬†for¬†Essential Oils¬†and to learn what properties they have and what they smell like. ¬†


Homemade hand creams with light scents are perfect holiday gifts for friends and family! You can whip up a basic hand cream recipe and then customize each container with its own scent, or use a neutral fragrance on the whole batch. Mix together 1/4 cup beeswax, 1/3 cup avocado butter, 2/3 cup shea butter and 3/4 cup coconut oil in your double broiler over low heat. Mix frequently until completely melted. Remove mixture from heat and let cool for three minutes, stirring frequently. Add 6 drops Rosemary, 4 drops vanilla, 2 drops Lemongrass and 2 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil. Mix well, stirring for at least one full minute. Pour mixture into containers and let cool.

You can buy all of the ingredients here, at Mind Body Soul Essentials (click below)
Coconut Oil
Jojoba Oil
Cocoa Butter
Avocado Oil
Shea Butter

Spearmint Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Sandalwood Essential Oil

or learn about and purchase other Essential Oils here


To create a healing hand cream with a refreshing aroma, use Spearmint and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. Add 3 tbsp. beeswax, 3 tbsp. coconut oil, 1/3 cup cocoa butter and 1/3 cup jojoba oil to a double-boiler over low heat. Stir frequently until everything has melted completely. Remove mixture from heat and keep stirring slowly for two minutes. Add 7 drops Spearmint and 6 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Mix well, stirring for another full minute. Pour mixture into a clean container and let cool. Makes about 1 cup of hand cream.

Thank you for reading this! ¬†I hope you make some really terrific lotion!! ¬†And also hope you come to my site, learn about herbs and Essential Oils and feed your need to learn! ¬†Share with your friends! ¬†Or come check us out and like us on Facebook! ¬†You’d be helping me out so much! ¬†Thank you again ūüôā

Halloween Classroom Activities – Witch’s Brew & Halloween BINGO

Two Classroom Festivities that I’ve done before that were hits! ¬†I have not and do not dare try this is middle school (7th grade and up). ¬†I think that my daughter would be mortified. ¬†No, I KNOW she would be. ¬†But I can say that up until 6th grade, all the kids loved the brew and bingo!

Halloween¬†BINGO: Play a few rounds of Halloween BINGO with prizes for the lucky winners! ¬†The favorite prizes were not candy; the kids like sticky, oozing, gooey goop, slime and other things like that. ¬†(Eww) ¬†In lieu of numbers, I made bingo cards with pictures of witches, pumpkins, ghosts, candy corn, etc. ¬†I printed out the pictures to use in the classroom to call from and printed out the bingo sheets for the kids to play on. ¬†We use candy corn as markers. Pour the candy corn in little cups OR before arriving at school, place one bingo card and some candy corn in a Halloween decorated plastic ziploc, so it’s easier to hand out and takes less time to start the game. ¬†Buy at least three bags of candy corn, because most of the candy corn is eaten! Yummy

Witches Brew: Sent a letter to all of the parents through the teacher.  Ask one parent to arrive to the classroom dressed as a friendly witch, who will help the class make the special Witches Brew.  Each child is asked to bring an ingredient for the brew to the party.  With the witch’s help, they add their ingredient into the cauldron one by one and as the witch stirs the cauldron, they all help make the Witches Brew.   A little cooperation + taking turns = Halloween fun!!  Also ask for additional items, like plastic baggies because after they snack, there will be leftovers to be brought home.  See below.

Sample letter:

Witches Brew: A friendly witch will help us make the special Witches Brew.  Each child has been asked to bring an ingredient for the brew to the party.  With the witch’s help, they will add their ingredient into the cauldron, as she stirs, to help make the Witches Brew.   A little cooperation + taking turns = Halloween fun!!

Please find your child’s name and their ingredient to bring into class below:

Child’s Name – Bat Brains (Smartfood Popcorn)

Child’s Name –¬†Witches’ Warts (Milk Chocolate Chips)

Child’s Name –¬†Bloated Ants (Raisins)

Child’s Name –¬†Ghost Guts (Mini Marshmallows)

Child’s Name –¬†Plops of Pigeon Poop (White Chocolate Chips)

Child’s Name –¬†Cheesy Owl Eyes (Puffed Cheese Balls)

Child’s Name –¬†Boiled Lady Bugs (Red Jelly Beans)

Child’s Name –¬†Candied Spider Eggs (Gum Drops)

Child’s Name –¬†Goblin’s Belly Button Lint Balls (M&Ms, Any Style)

Child’s Name –¬†Wolf Toenails (Candy Corn)

Child’s Name –¬†Earthworm Knots (Miniature Pretzel Twists)

Child’s Name –¬†Dehydrated Dragon’s Wings (Doritos)

Child’s Name –¬†Splintered Turkey Bones (Shoestrings Potato Chips)

Child’s Name –¬†Compressed Cobwebs (Chex Brand or Similar Cereal)

Child’s Name –¬†Crumbled Bat Wings (Smartfood Popcorn)

Child’s Name –¬†Cheesy Owl Eyes (Puffed Cheese Balls)

Child’s Name –¬†Chocolate-Dipped Houseflies (Chocolate-Covered Raisins)

Child’s Name –¬†Flattened Slugs (Sour Patch or similar type Earthworms)

Please email, text or call if you can send in any of these additional items:

~ Plates             ~ Napkins

~ Cups        ~ Goodie Bags

~ Ziploc Bags ~ Juice boxes or pouches

We are shooting for smiles, fun, laughter, good times and happy memories!!

I hope you can use this!  I love Halloween!!  If you do, let me know how it went!  If you have any questions, email me at  ~ Vanessa