Company’s Coming Over! Argh, my house stinks!

Company’s coming over.  Quick, clean up and spray the house and especially the entrance way with Febreeze or Glade!


Those commercial sprays are unhealthy and the scent is gone quickly.  They don’t do anything but smell good for a quick second and contain chemicals that we breathe in. Do you like inhaling chemicals?

It’s just as easy to light a candle in a candle burner that holds water & a few drops of essential oil in lieu of a candle tart. No chemicals.

Seriously, if you can just light a candle and make your entire home smell just as wonderful, but have the scent last!!! And have the healthy benefits of antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, congestion busting Essential Oil properties spread throughout the house at the same time – why not?

Oh yeah, and it costs LESS!!!

Why isn’t everyone doing it?

Put some water in the bowl on top of the candle holder.  Then add a few drops of Essential Oil to the water.  Light the candle and you’re DONE!

Choose your Essential Oil for the properties you want or need.  Need energy? Stressed out? Want to clear your sinuses and feel better?

I personally love diffusing Lavender, Lemongrass or Orange.  Lavender relaxes me and the kids and helps me get to sleep, Lemongrass helps with nervous exhaustion and is a mild antidepressant and Orange puts some pep in my step.

Check out our 100% Pure Essential Oil selection at Mind Body Soul Essentials.  It’s one click and you’ll discover all the benefits of using essential oils.

Do yourself and your family a favor and clean up the air you breathe inside our home.  You’re worth it.  Click below to explore & learn!

Mind Body Soul Essentials


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