Making Fresh Herbal Tea

Stress relief in a cup. 

If you deadhead your flowers and grow your own herb garden, your tea is free.  Simple as that.

In my household, our favorite tea is Peppermint.  Lemon Balm comes in a close second.

Muddling is the process of crushing or simply bruising herbs.  

Mortar & Pestle – go marble. 


Genuine marble is non-porous and keeps odors and oils from penetrating.  A porous material will soak up both the soap from washing and the oils from previous muddling.  You don’t want your peppermint tea to taste like peppermint, soap and chamomile from a previous brew & wash! 

Granite is considered fairly non-porous.  It is possible for detergent residue to get in the uneven surface.

If you don’t mind a little carry-over, don’t wash a granite mortar and pestle every single time after use.  However, when washing, use a light amount of detergent, and then dry it and grind white rice in it.

Grinding white rice is a very common practice.

Pick the leaves or flowers before the heat of the sun begins to draw the oils out of the plant (preferred).  
PictureGet your leaves ready – rub them together or muddle with a mortar & pestle (see picture) to release their essential oils.

I highly recommend a tea infuser/mesh tea ball.

Or you can add the leaves directly to a mug or cup or your teapot.  For each cup of tea, add approximately 2 to 3 teaspoons of fresh leaves and/or flowers.Steep for 4-5 minutes. This will allow the flavors to release and provide the full, natural benefits of the herb.

Come visit us at Mind Body Soul Essentials, browse the selection of teas, herbs and tea products (like a Bamboo Strainer).
Bamboo Tea Strainer
Herbology is the study of plants, herbs, minerals and supplements used in the growing, cultivating and harvesting of the natural world.There is so much more information out there on tea blends, recipes and so on.  Ask your friends what their favorite teas are.  Everyone loves tea!


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