I am changing my beliefs about what I deserve.  About who I am.  About what I want.  There is something magical about reaching that point where I’m ready to set limits and to follow through with my decisions regarding the boundaries I’ve set and not talking myself out of what is good and right for me.

I came from an unhealthy place.  Surrounded by unhealthy mindsets and lifestyles.  That’s an understatement.  We all have our pasts to contend with.  Some are worse in ways than others.  But each unhealthy way hurts.

I love my two children.  I’m arriving in this great place because of my love for my children.  What they see me do has to mirror my advice to them.  What I preach, has to also be shown to them.  They deserve this and more.

Gathering my life tools. 

Children do not ask to be brought into this world. Parents as adults choose to bring them into it. It is then our responsibility to love, protect and guide. Not to discount, ignore, resent and mold. 

I am reaching inside. I am sifting through my internal self and pulling out the bits of ME that are in there.  And working on them, one by one until it feels right.

Out of the chaos will come clarity. I am sure of it. No rushing through this.

I am rewiring myself.

This is my path to enlightenment. 


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