Candles Made With Essential Oils

Candles Made With Essential Oils

So I’m wondering…why do people buy candles NOT made. with Essential Oils?  I’m thinking we’re at the grocery store, time is running out, we are rushed, gotta get home, make supper, wash clothes, do homework, run to the soccer game, and we reach for that Glade or Febreeze candle and drop it in the cart.  They are fragrance candles.  They do not deliver the healing properties of Essential Oils.  For the same price, you can get both the aroma AND the wonderful gift of nature, delivered in one of it’s most powerful forms.  I have kids.  They love Lavender.  LOL Me, too!  And they are calmer when I light a Lavender candle.  I use candles made with Orange Essential Oil when I need pep in my step.  Rosemary helps me focus.  Essential Oils are amazing!  Why not give it a try?  You have nothing to lose!  You buy candles anyway!

What’s important to you, is important to us.  These candles are created with pure and natural ingredients.  Combining 100% all-natural paraffin wax with the finest quality Essential Oils, creates one-of-a-kind aromatic blends.  

Labels inspire and help you achieve your goals.  What do you desire? A crystal added here, an herb leaf put right there, or choose a candle with an accompanying charm.  

A lead-free cotton wick is the final touch in these lovingly hand poured, premium candles.  The result is amazing Aromatherapy candles that assist you to heal with the therapeutic properties of essential oils.  

Simple and sophisticated.  Pure and natural.  Nature at its best.

Experience the aroma and heal with the therapeutic properties of essential oils!

Once you experience any one of these candles, you will never buy a fragrance only candle again! 

Available in different size Pillars or Votive Boxes of Four

100% cotton wicks, paraffin wax base

Choose both the color and Essential Oil for your Candle!

So good you will want to try them all!   

Below are some of my favorites.  There is a candle for every reason and every season.  Check it out! 🙂

Buddha Candle

On the label: Compassion, Tolerance, Wisdom

Essential Oils of Lavender, Sage and Vetiver

Comes with a Buddha charm!



Chakra Candles

made with Essential Oils and Affirmations


These inspiring candles will help you create a focus 
to manifest your intention…

Worry Not Candle


On the label:
For that which guides the stars, guides you too

Essential Oils of Orange and Geranium

Lucky Ladybug Candle

Ladybugs are considered to bring good luck and happiness…


Bring special luck to your life with this ladybug candle!

~Essential Oils of Cedarwood, Grapefruit and Thyme~

Each candle comes with it’s corresponding Zodiac Sign Charm! 

Aries: Leader ~ Red~ made with Cinnamon Essential Oil

Taurus: Seeker of Beauty ~Green~Mint  Essential Oil

Gemini: Creative~Yellow~Lemon  Essential Oil

Cancer: Protector~Blue~Violet Oil

Leo: Independent~Red~Orange Essential Oil

Virgo: Healer~Green~Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Libra: Harmonious~Yellow~Rose Essential Oil

Scorpio: Charismatic~Blue~Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Sagittarius: Honest~Red~Sandalwood Essential Oil

Capricorn: Reliable~Green~Cedarwood Essential Oil

Aquarius: Visionary~Yellow~Lotus Oil

Pisces: Intuitive~Blue~ Frankincense Essential Oil

So many more candles…so little time! 

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